So what to do now? If the information presented is enough for you there are things you can do. If the information wasn’t enough please try and research a little more to better inform yourself. To further research and/or find ways to be active about this please visit these sites: – Blue Voice is a leading organization that advocates and informs the public on this exact topic and more. They present many ways to become active. Many as easy as writing a letter or visiting a local function. – Surfers for Cetaceans is committed to activating ocean-minded people everywhere to support the conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and marine life. It’s through compassion, awareness, education, media and dedicated interventions that they will use to accomplish this goal.

Ideally, I would like to see an end to the murder of all these cetaceans on the basis that the most of them are poisonous to us and therefore have no legitimate use as food. Also, because these animals are extremely intelligent. They are the closest animals on the planet that share our abstract thought, intelligence, communications abilities, etc. We are still in the process of decoding their world and the implications of this reality. Japan must stop their drive hunting in Taiji, as this is a main location for this happening. The International Whaling Commission must protect smaller cetaceans as they protect the larger ones. The International Whaling Commission must be more strict on their policies and demand more from the constituents who make up the commission. We must all be more aware of our impact and implications we have on each other, animals, and our world. I see change happening. I see awareness rising.  Include yourself in the new world of compassion, higher thought and understanding.