Dolphins have intelligence.

This shouldn’t be shocking as many animals have intelligence. Of course, there are many different levels of intelligence. We underestimate many animals for their seeming lack of intelligence. For example, squirrels, pigs and pigeons are of the top 10 smartest on the planet. The pig being the 6th in the line (7th including humans.) Sorry, Wilbur! You’re just too tasty.

Sorry Wilbur! You're just too tasty!

Dolphins find themselves about second on this list behind chimpanzees. Although, there is debate among the scientific community that dolphins are more self-aware, intelligent and higher-developed abstract thought. Dolphins exhibit many qualities like humans. Dolphins travel and live in large pods (communities of dolphins) and are extremely social. They have a complex language system using clicks and squeaks that scientists are still unraveling. Humans are proud of their brains. This is for obvious reasons. It has helped us take over the world and top the food chain. Dr. Lori Marino, of Emory University, in Atlanta, GA, says that human brain size is seven times larger than what should be expected by body to brain ratio. To put brain size/intelligence into perspective we observe chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are well known within popular culture because they are a close relative to ourselves. Their intelligence is tested and well-documented because of this. Chimpanzee brain size is said to be two to three times larger than what would be expected. Dolphin brain size is five times larger than expected.

Dolphins can learn many complex tasks, signs/signals, and have the ability to teach other dolphins. They are conscious of themselves and other individuals of of species. They are even smart enough to be aware of sentence structure through communication.

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If dolphins are intelligent as this suggests then it may be safe to assume that dolphins are well-aware of what is happening to them. Dolphins and their families are being killed (Might I say “murdered”?) and they are conscious of their fates. It is a cold-hearted business the eating of other animals. If cows and chickens were this intelligence would we still eat them? Where do you draw the line?