You may or may not understand the plight of the vegetarian. They take it upon themselves to eat wholly non animal related foods. The exact terms and what they consider themselves I’m not sure of (vegan, vegetarian, etc.) Vegetarians will have their various reasons for their choice of food. Some choose a vegetarian lifestyle because of matters of taste; i.e. they just don’t like eating meat. Others choose to do so for ideological reasons; i.e. animals are our friends. Technically speaking, meat is murder. But we’re all very used to this sort of thing, it is natural/biological. Eating meat has directly affected the development and growth of our brains and intelligence. The smartest dinosaurs in the land were not herbivores, they were carnivores. To hunt other animals took cunning and strategy. This evolution took place because these animals were eating meat and it directly contributed to their intelligence. We can deduce that the same has occurred with humans.

So why wouldn’t we eat meat? There isn’t much to keep us away from doing so unless you find some ethical reasons not to. We are now at a level of intelligence and technology of nutrition that we can make a conscious decision to obtain nutrition by other means. Just like how people feel about global warming and creating a better carbon footprint, helping protect the world we live on. We now have the technology and means to do so responsibly. We see that the world is jumping on board with this issue of global/ecological responsibility. We may see a more responsible view on eating our friends and partners in life in a different light soon.