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Around the World

Now, Taiji is not the only place around the world that is killing dolphins and other cetaceans in this manner. In the Solomon Islands, on a smaller scale, dolphins are being killed for their meat and other ‘nice’ things we can make out of them. The meat is distributed and eaten amongst the community and the teeth are used as jewelry.

In the Faroe Islands in Denmark is another prominent place that dolphins and other cetaceans are being slaughtered. On this occasion it is part of a festival for the Denmark citizens, a right of passage. It’s astonishing that in countries as developed as Denmark that they would still include such a savage right of passage in popular/present culture. Mass murder on a yearly basis to become adults. Sounds like something Hitler (I apoligize If I offend anyone) would do to the Jewish if he were to have taken over the world.


The Drive Hunt

This video is of a drive hunt in Taiji, Japan. It contains a graphic display of dolphins being cornered, captured, and killed.

Stated to the IWC, the Japanese claim their methods of killing dolphins are of the most humane possible and instantaneous. This is obviously contradictory to what the video shows.

Taiji, Japan

In Taiji, Japan, fisherman take up a tradition that has been passed down for generations. That tradition is the fishing of dolphins. One of the greatest accomplishments of animals is the ability to pass down learned skills. In this version, the Japanese have learned the most effective way to catch and kill dolphins.

Practiced in Taiji, the Japanese will attach long metal rods to their boats. Captains brandishing hammers will bang on the rods. The sound emitted torments the dolphins. Frightened and confused they swim away. As multiple boats work in concert, pods of dolphins are driven into waters that will be their last swam.

The below video is a 3D representation of what is known as “drive hunting.”